Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Day of Rest and Rain


Monday, September 14
Hoh Campground
Olympic National Park
Forks, WA

Today brought much needed rain to the Pacific Northwest.

We decided to stay inside to rest, recharge and play while the rains cleansed the area. The rains have not had much impact, but they are a sign of hope. The very unhealthy air quality alert will continue until at least Thursday when thunderstorms are expected to roll through the region

The fam has finished a video game called "Dragon Quest." It was an epic story with in depth characters and plots. We all settled onto the couch to watch the thrilling conclusion of the game just as we would a movie. It was exciting and a satisfying end to a thoroughly enjoyed journey. The best part about games such as these is the story keeps going! There's an epilogue where the travelers go back to the world they saved.

This kind of journey reminds me of our own in the life. Our decision to travel around has made a huge difference this year that continues to keep us on our toes. I am thankful for the ability to choose where we go, help how we can and continue to be outside among Nature's beauty. 

This week, we are keeping our activity to a minimum and staying indoors as much as possible. As we continue to monitor wildfires in the West, I think of all the people being evacuated and personally affected.  I send you love and support through The American Cross, which has a fund to help people affected by Washington and Oregon Wildfires

To all at home and traveling, stay safe during these tumultuous times.

Peace and Love,

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