Friday, September 11, 2020

Hazy Mountain Days


The mountains are hazy today as wildfires blaze through the surrounding regions. 

I figured the campground would begin to calm down after Labor Day passed, but I was mistaken. If anything, the traffic has increased.

I have two theories. 

One, that people are thinking, it’s after Labor Day so no one will be out. The problem with this is the same as with coming to the parks to get away from the cities during the pandemic...everyone has the same idea.

Two, that people are running away from the smoke in California, Oregon and Eastern Washington. 

The smoke is following them. The air quality is bad and the mosquitoes are worse. 

What we need is rain. 

The forecast currently Monday will be the day when we can get some relief. I hope the prediction comes true. 

For now, it is what it is. And we do what we can. 

I prepare for a hot, dry weekend full of campers trying to enjoy the last taste of summer away from the smoke. 

Have a great weekend travelers, stay safe.

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