Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sun Shinning Through Smoke


We can see the shadows of the mountains today. This is a big relief. 

The smoke is still thick, especially in Forks. We went into town to run errands and catch a little of a football game, but the smoke was heavy and got worse the longer we were there. 

It is amazing how much the trees in the National Forest absorb the carbon dioxide from the smoke. I am thankful to be nestled among the trees during this blazing crisis.

I did roves of the campground and some yoga outside, and even among the protection of Mother Nature's branches, my throat was sore. The only thing worse than this smoke were the mosquito.

Not much has changed otherwise. The fires still blaze in Eastern Washington, Oregon and California. We are still under a fire ban. We're also still praying for rain. 

Be safe dear travelers!

Peace and Love,

Hoh Campground
Olympic National Forest
Forks, WA

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