Monday, October 12, 2020

Our Own Piece of the Woods


Future Driveway Location at "The Property"

We are property owners! *Happy Dance*

We have been looking for land all year, but hadn’t found the right spot - until now.

When we lived in Seattle, our first apartment overlooked the Puget sound with a clear view of the Olympic Mountains. We would watch the mist rise up from the water to cover them and the sun set behind them. We fell in love the those mountains those first couple of years.

As we began to camp, the Olympic Mountains were our first destination. Port Angles was an amazing town, especially the spit. We got pumpkins from a farm that year, which sat on the patio and rotted because they were too perfect to carve.

The next year, we did a whirlwind trip around the entire peninsula. We stayed at a small campground by La Push, the only place we could find since there was unknowingly a festival going on. We walked by the river, visited the ocean and was mesmerized by the reflection of the lake.

The year after that marked our first year at the Hoh. We came with friends and found magic in the woods. We sat by the river and iced our beers in the glacial waters. We taught our children how to build fires. We sat around in the fresh air and played games for a week.

Our hearts are in the Olympic Mountains. We confirmed this summer with our extended stay on the mountain. 

When we first saw this property in Clallam Bay online, we had a good feeling. We looked at several other parcels in the area, but none of them were quite right. Finally, we made the trip up to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was an easier journey than expected.

The moment we saw the wooded, not quite five acres, we knew we wanted it. We were in touch with the real estate agent before we got home.

It took some time, as these things do, but now we own it. We are elated!

Clallam Bay, like much of the peninsula, is pure magic.

We found a small cafe across from a marina overlooking the Strait. The mist was covering the water when we began our meal. As we sat outside enjoying our food, we watched the mist clear out leaving a breathtaking view behind. The rainbow over the water sealed the deal.

"The Property," as we affectionately call it, is covered with aspens and blackberry bushes. The sellers logged it about 30 years ago and haven’t touched it since. It’s at the end of a dead end street where an old, washed out road is blocked off.

There are neighbors a few neighbors down the street. The abandoned road covers most of the southeasterly border and it backs up to DNR land. It is a secluded piece of paradise.

We are trying to clear out enough space for our RV and get utilities hooked up. It seems this is going to be a long process. Partly because of it’s remote location and partly because Covid-19 has already-busy contractors backed up for months.

We have visions of small cabins and gardens to fill the land. Though we will keep it mostly wooded, we’ll create a driveway or large path to get around. 

Our desire is to create a getaway spot. Our own little haven in the woods. 

***Look for updates about "The Property" as we begin to clear the land and film time lapses!

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